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Met this Brother on the road somwhere down south. He was a Veteran in the Middle East Conflict and now travels throughout the United States, Thank You for your Service and Time, Safe Travels. 

We will also list BENEFITS that other Chapters are sponsoring for worthwhile Causes...

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Information that might be useful to know will be posted here.

Anything that might be helpful to ensure a safe ride will be posted here shortly.

Building Relationships With Other LE Motorcycle Clubs.

There are a number of other LE Motorcycle Clubs that we support. We will POST their upcoming Events on this page as well as on our Calendar of Events. Please attend these outings and continue to support our Brothers and Sisters in BLUE. This will also include any Veteran Supported Rides. 

Honorable Mentions Here !!! ISP Director and Former CPD Member Leo SCHMIDT and Fellow Illinois State Troopers Honoring one of our Members from across the Pond that passed away. Thank You KIndly.